Moulds, dies and tools

Founded in 1996





At MEPRONOR, we are dedicated to the construction of dies and molds for injection of plastic, plastic + wood, magnesium, zamak, aluminum and other materials, as well as special tools, prototypes and control models.

We have our own means to issue metrological reports on all the equipment we manufacture, modify and repair.

MEPRONOR provides maintenance and repair services in a wide variety of companies, carrying out these projects in our own facilities or displacing human and technical resources to the client’s facilities, maintaining a close relationship with them over time.


In the more than 25 years of MEPRONOR’s life, it accumulates a commercial relationship with more than 600 clients.



We manufacture dies, plastic, magnesium and aluminum injection molds, together with control models, special tools and prototypes.

Food sector


Manufacture of thermoforming and plastic injection molds, together with special tools.



Help in the manufacturing line with maintenance and special tools. We also manufacture plastic+wood injection moulds.



Services for engineering that participated in the transformation of tuna boats and in fish processing plants with all types of manufacturing



Manufacture of aluminum injection molds, zamak and self-supporting dies and even the tables of the manufacturing line.

Manufacture, maintenance and repair of Moulds, Dies and Tools.

In addition to precise design and manufacturing, maintenance is an essential part to ensure the proper functioning of the molds and thus increase their useful life, always offering the highest levels of quality in the final injected product.
As incidents occur, at Mepronor we repair and readjust the molds to their original design, replacing or repairing those parts of the mold that are necessary, going to the client’s facilities for their adjustment, if so required.

25 years serving the industry

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